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Years ago, partly to satisfy those readers who wanted the fastest possible service, Backstreets began a "SuperSubscriber" program. Our SuperSubs are those hardcore fans who also serve as the supporting members of our magazine. SuperSubs get an entire package of perks in addition to their normal subscription. Please see our Subscriber Services page for a complete description of the SuperSub.

You can use this form to sign up for a new SuperSub, or to renew your current one. Renew at any time to add an additional year to your current subscription. If you're a current regular subscriber and you'd like to convert to a SuperSub, we recommend calling us (919-968-9466) so we can give you a pro-rated deal on the remainder of your current subscription.

New SuperSubscriptions will start with our new issue, #86. To order previous issues of Backstreets or individual copies of the new issue, see our listing of available back issues.

If you'd prefer not to pay by credit card, simply print this page and send your completed form with check or money order (in U.S. funds) to: Backstreets SuperSub, 1818 MLK Jr. Blvd. #300, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

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Privacy policy: Backstreets takes your privacy very seriously. If you're like us, you don't care for junk mail or phone calls from people you don't know, and we'll guard your privacy with the tenacity of howling dogs on Main Street. We don't sell or share our mailing list or any other data with any third parties, and any information submitted on this form will be used solely by Backstreets for the purposes of providing you with the best possible service.


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