The Fall/Winter 2013 issue, Backstreets #91

Our massive latest issue honors a very Big Man. More than half of the 116-page, perfect bound Backstreets #91 is a tribute to the life and music of... do we have to say his name?

Okay, we will. Our 65-page Clarence Clemons tribute kicks off with Big Man: The Final Chapter, an epilogue to Clarence's book written exclusively for us by his co-author and longtime friend, Don Reo.
After that, page after page of remembrances from longtime friends, colleagues, and fellow musicians, including Little Steven, Robert Santelli, "Stormin'" Norman Seldin of the Joyful Noyze, Vini Lopez, Ernest "Boom" Carter, Mike Appel, J.T. Bowen, Narada Michael Walden, Branford Marsalis, Dale Maharidge, Jo Lopez, Nick Mead, and eulogies from Jake Clemons and Bruce Springsteen.
We've also packed this tribute with stunning images spanning 40 years, from photographers including Eric Meola, Barbara Pyle, Frank Stefanko, Jim Marchese, Rene Van Diemen, Victoria Clemons, James Shive, James Appel, Michael S. Williamson, Teresa Psykaty-Lamicella, Joseph Quever, Guy Aceto, A.M. Saddler, Michael Zorn, and the archives of Billy Smith.
The Clarence tribute section is, appropriately, massive. But it's not the only feature here. We also present the Backstreets Interview with Tom Morello, conducted by editor Christopher Phillips. Over two sessions, and 11 pages in the magazine, Tom discusses his fandom, relationship and work with "the only friend I have who I also subscribe to a magazine about."

Plus: The impending High Hopes, Q&As with Bruce author Peter Ames Carlin and For Music's Sake author Carrie Potter, "fan-based recordings" reviews, and much more. 116 pages, perfect bound, full-color.

If you enjoy our website, we know you'll love the magazine — you can still order a single copy of this issue.

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